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    INTICO's offices

  • INTICO has physical presence in all North and South America and worldwide reach. We have offices in Miami, USA, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Our servers are located in Dallas, Miami and London, for security replication purposes.












  • We have more than 9 years of experience in the development of communication services and technological innovation.

    We have the technological infrastructure to offer our services throughout North and South America, as well as to the rest of the world.

    Experience integrating our services to our technology partner’s business processes, generating new solutions based on their needs.

  • Our clients belong to different sectors of the business environment, such as Call Centers, Banks, Financial Companies, Department Stores, Educational Institutions, Marketing and Service Providers, among others.

    All of our products have been developed in-house, with INTICO’s own Development Team. This allows for the design of 100% personalized programs, following each client’s requirements.

    We invite you to contact us to contribute to the success of your company.



To deliver technological products and services, prioritizing our services over our products with an emphasis on total quality.

To be the leader in technological innovation, with an emphasis in services that will add intelligence to our client’s businesses.

  • Discipline

    We strive to follow an established plan, with clear objectives to be reached. We have the conviction to end each project for our client’s success.

  • Perseverance

    We have the capacity to overcome our corporate weaknesses and external threats. We are aware of our strengths and opportunities.

  • Proactivity

    We strive to become a team of integrated people with initiative, that will foresee and act in any situation.

  • Reinvention

    We don’t assume that our decisions are the right ones, and we are always open to self-criticism and personal growth. This allows for the continuous development of better and new solutions.

  • Responsability

    Our team is committed to deliver the best and most efficient functionality to each one of our projects.

  • Team Work

    We value the integration of our work teams. Having different perspectives allows us to develop more complex projects.


    MBA, Industrial Civil Engineer and IT Engineer. My professional experience started at 19, at Santiago Bank in Chile. Then, I worked at Santander Bank for 10 years, where I worked in several positions, until named Technology Manager.
    After, I created INTICO, as a company dedicated to technology and communication services for Banking, Universities, Commerce and Government.
    Today, INTICO has grown into an international company, with offices in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and The United States.
  • Education:
    Universidad Andrés Bello.
    Santiago, Chile
    Universidad Mayor.
    Santiago, Chile
    Universidad Diego Portales.
    Santiago, Chile.

  • Favorite quote:
    Dress me up slowly, because I am in hurry.

  • Goals within the Company:
    To transform INTICO into the Technological Services Leader in North and South America.

    General Manager Intico USA
    Professional in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources. Experienced business owner and leading franchise director with more than 15 years of achievement building and leading organizations through transformation and growth, resulting in boosting profitability. Proven track record of improving operational processes and designing Sales & Marketing strategies to lower overhead costs, improving productivity and increasing gross profit.
  • Education:
    Simon Rodriguez National University. Caracas, Venezuela
    American Academic. Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Favorite quote:
    Everything is possible if we work together.

  • Goals within the Company:
    Positioning Intico Usa Corp in Central America and the United States, as a leader in Business Technology Solutions.

    General Manager Intico Chile.
    Industrial Civil and IT Engineer. Extensive experience in Technology System's development in several companies such as Santander Bank, Santiago Bank, Credit and Investment Bank, construction companies and technology service providers. Started with the Intico Corporation in 2013, to assume the challenge of leading the technology area of the company. Nowadays I am General Manager at Intico Chile.
  • Education:
    Mayor University. Santiago, Chile.
    Andres Bello University. Santiago, Chile.

  • Favorite quote:
    Impossibilities are only in our minds.

  • Goals within the Company:
    To actively participate in Intico's growth, and help it become a world leader in technology innovation.

    General Manager Intico Colombia.
    I started my professional life in the area of IT in companies such as Porcelanas Florencia, Sonda S.A., Santander Bank.
    In August of 2011, I joined Intico Chile and soon after, was transferred to Intico Peru in order to create the Holding’s Development Department, as its Manager.
    In August 2013, was promoted to Intico Peru General Manager.
    Recently I was transferred to Intico Colombia, as it new General Manager.
  • Education:
    Gratitud Nacional, Salesianos.
    Instituro AIEP (Apadrinado Universidad Andres Bello).
    Camara de Comercio Lima.

  • Favorite quote:
    All is achievable.

  • Goals within the Company:
    To reach the established goals, creating a growing working team. To accept new challenges, and grow as a successful professional.

    General Manager Intico Perú
    Systems Engineer with 8 years of professional experience in telecommunications. I started as a technician and and later as a support analyst at Telefonica del Peru and its dependencies. Started with Intico Peru in 2008 where I started as an analyst and later became in charge of the system's department. In 2010 I was given the opportunity to migrate to the Management area and lead the company in Peru. In 2012 I was given the responsibility of leading Intico USA's Carrier Division, it allowed me to represent the group at events and fairs in North America and Europe. Currently I was recently assumed the General Management position at Intico Peru.
  • Education:
    Federico Villareal National University. Lima, Peru.
    Santiago, Chile
    National University of Engineering. Lima, Peru.
    Peruvian Business Action Institute. Lima, Peru.
    IST Cibertec. Lima, Peru.

  • Favorite quote:
    Don't leave for tomorrow what can be done today

  • Goals within the Company:
    To keep on growing professionally, as well as creating a cohesive working environment that will allow generating value and growth to my working team. To contribute for Intico to become a leader in the innovation of technological solutions.

    General Manager of Suppliers
    I started my professional life working on administration, growing to become manager of my area.
    Then I was promoted to Sales, which really pushed my career on forward.
    In 2006, joined Intico in Chile.
    In 2008 and 2009, I was transferred to Peru as General Manager.
    In 2010, I was promoted to Intico Chile as its General Manager.
    In 2013, I assumed the office of General Manager of Colombia.
    In 2014, moved back to Chile to reclaim Intico Chile’s General Manager.
    Currently I am in charge of the suppliers of INTICO LATAM divisions.
  • Education:
    Universidad Técnica del Estado de Chile.
    Ciudad Santiago

  • Favorite quote:
    It is always worth trying, because it is achievable.

  • Goals within the Company:
    To reach the goals assigned to me in the best way possible, to deserve the trust placed in me by the high management of the company, and deliver all of my effort to build integral working teams, that will allow me to reach given goals and objectives.

    Financial Manager
    Experience in accounting, account management and tax preparation. I became part of the Intico USA team as Financial Manager in 2009. I am currently in charge of INTICO as its Financial Manager.
  • Education:
    University of Miami. Miami, Fl. USA.
    Aplication School. Santiago, Chile.

  • Favorite quote:
    Success is an old trio: ability, opportunity and courage.

  • Goals within the Company:
    To fulfill objectives, maintain work in a team environment, ready for new challenges.