An Office in Motion = Business Growth

  • IntiCo, the transnational company specializing in the development of technological solutions for the communications industry with more than 10 years of experience in the market and offices in Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and its headquarters in the United States, is venturing out with iTalkYou Business, an essential internal management tool for small and medium businesses.

    The company's CEO, Oscar Gómez, shares the advantages and potential of this technology for efficient internal and external management in SMBs.


Strategic Planning Meeting 2016

February 29th, March 1st and 2nd, 2016
Lima, Perú.

  • This year Intico’s Strategic Planning took place in the city of Lima, Peru within the Hotel Sol de Oro.

    This year a great growth and development of the leaders of the Corporation was held because the intensive training by the company Quanttitudes based on the knowledge of the most outstanding talents of each leader and the best tools to keep developing them.

10° National Congress of Credit, Collections and Financial Marketing.

October 7th, 2015
Lima, Perú.

  • Samuel Henostroza (General Intico Peru Manager), Jorge Delgado (sales executive Peru) and Susana Medina (Executive sales Peru) represented Intico in this event that took place at the Hotel Sol de Oro & Suites in Lima where they gathered large companies among which highlight Fatsco, Banco Azteca, Connect Group among others.

    In this event Intico consolidated its presence as a channel of communication and technology partner in support Telefónica Collection / Presencial. In turn, he provided an approach in the relationship with clients such as Banco Interbank, GNB, Rlmac among others and new opportunities were generated with potential strategic customers such as BBVA, Cencosud, Financial Bank, among others.

Elastix World 2015

October 7th y 8th, 2015
Bogota, Colombia.

  • Event held on the premises of "Cubo" Colsubsidio Bogotá Colombia in which a set of worldwide level exhibitors presented lectures on studies, success stories in VoIP related to free software, featuring topics such as balancing, scalability, programming with REST, development with WebRTC, etc.

    It was an enriching experience because we managed to make contacts with important personalities of VOIP, experience, knowledge was gained. etc.

CRM Breakfast at Chile's Embassy

August 25th, 2015
Lima, Perú.

  • On August 25th Intico and Plan D meet with executives of important corporations at the technological event "CRM, a tool to optimize business management" that took place on the Embassy of Chile. Where items like the impact of technology at business productivity were discussed.

    The breakfast was attended by Oscar Gomez Osorio Intico Corp CEO , Samuel Henostroza Intico Peru Manager , Marcelo Alexander Thorne Intico Peru Key Account Manager , Giovanna Aviles General Manager of Plan D , Viviana Rex Plan D Account Manager and Commercial Director Veronica Tramer Domberg office Pro Chile in Peru.

Fourth Fair Credit and Collection

May 12 and 13, 2015
Bogotá, Colombia.

  • The Fourth Fair Credit and Collection organized by Ciclo de Riesgo Magazine, took place in the Sheraton Hotel in Bogota on 12 and May 13 of this year. Intico Colombia was represented in this event by Vivian Infante, Comercial Executive.

International Telecoms Week 2015

May 10 to 13, 2015
Chicago, Illinois.

  • This year the ITW took place in the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Swissotel in Chicago . Intico was present represented by our CEO Oscar Gomez, Sebastian Vargas , Manager Wholesale and Jesus Frias ( Account Executive ) . They are able to schedule more than 70 meetings with customers and suppliers already established and new prospects of these , in order to grow the business Wholesale.

    See you next year ITW!

9° Annual Congress Sales, Digital Marketing & Multichannel Excellence

May 7 and 8, 2015
Miami Downtown.

  • In this Congress Medical Laboratories firms across America and the Caribbean, just to mention some Pfizer, Abbott, Bayer and local firms discuss and share the latest technological trends, Multichannel, Business Intelligence Solutions in the Cloud and meet challenges the future were discussed during these two days in Miami.

    Intico was represented by Oswaldo Toro, he shared with several representatives and executives of firms and presented Motus as a solution to mobile workforce and Medical Visits.

Américan Wholesale Congress 2015

March 11th and 12th, 2015.
Miami, Florida.

  • The American Wholesale Congress event was held at the Groove Isle Hotel in Miami.

    Intico was present in the SMS Corner both days represented by Oswaldo Toro and Sebastian Vargas Managers at Intico USA Retail and Wholesale. They managed to make more than 30 meetings with already established customers, suppliers and potential new business partner for Wholesale VoIP and SMS.

Strategic Planning Meeting 2015

January 19 and 20, 2015
Bogotá, Colombia.

  • The annual meeting was held in Bogota at the Hotel Estelar Fontana.

    The participants were Oscar Gomez (CEO Intico ), Carlos Arredondo (Manager Chile ), Carlos Maturana ( Technology Division ), Samuel Henostroza ( Peru Manager) , Sebastian Vargas ( Wholesale Manager ), Juan Pablo Cruz ( Colombia Manager) , Oswaldo Toro ( USA Intico Manager) , Beatriz García ( Coordination of Public Relations and Marketing) , Adriana Ardila ( Assistant to the President ) .

    A variety of topics about commercial, technical , human resources and strategy were exposed and discussed to have at the end of the year a good balance sheet at Intico .


November 5 and 6, 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Part of the Wholesale Intico team, integrated by Jesus Frias and Fernando Rodriguez, participated in the International Traffic Iberoamerican Meeting LAWC, which was held in Buenos Aires , Argentina.

    This is an event of great importance in the region, which involves companies from all areas of the telecommunications industry, including companies of level 1, 2 and 3, Wireless mobile operators , ISPs, VoIP providers and technology companies in the areas of voice, data, satellite, etc.

    In this event our team met with VOIP and SMS area businesses; making great business opportunities for our company.

12th Latin American Congress and
9th National Congress of Credit and Collections

October 2nd, 2014
Lima, Perú.

  • The 12th Latin American Congress and 9th National Congress of Credit and Collections took place in the city of Lima, Peru, attended by senior executives of the most representative Peruvian Market Financial Institutions.

    Local and international managers with experience in the industry made multiple presentations. The panel was composed of representatives from IBR (Chile), Interbank (Peru) and BCP (Peru); they mentioned the high efficiency of alternative channels for these efforts, explicitly mentioning Intico, which places us as one of the most successful providers of such solutions in the Latin American region.

10th International Congress of Credit and Collections

September 4th, 2014
Colombia, Bogotá.

  • The 10th International Congress of Collections took place in the city of Bogota (JW Marriot Hotel) where Intico Colombia encountered big and important business opportunities. At our stand, we had the participation of representatives from Peru, Colombia and the United States, presenting our integral services to potential clients, shining among other stands at the event.

    The congress was attended by: Juan Pablo Cruz (Colombia Manager), Adriana Ardila (President's Assistant), Leonardo Torres (Sales Executive, Colombia), Vivian Infante (Sales Executive, Colombia) Wendy Bejarano (Sales Executive, USA), Samuel Henostroza (Peru Manager), Jennifer (Bursar Business), Diego Vivas (Bursar Business).


June 19th to 22nd 2014
Lima, Perú.

  • EXPOTIC is the largest technology event in Peru, organized by the Lima's Chamber of Commerce and its technology and communications information committee with the purpose of generating a business platform among the leading companies in the field of technology, information and communications to help increase the network of contacts between them.
    Intico participated in the EXPOTIC represented by IT’S CEO Oscar Gomez, Samuel Henostroza (General Manager Peru), Marcelo Alexander Thorn, Susana Media and Jorge Delgado. In the event commercial ties were achieved with large companies such as PCQ, Pyme, Tecnomed, Llama ATVL, Aceros Arequipa, Vonatel among many others. These contacts have the potential to generate important investments in our company.

IV National Meeting Professionals Collections.

May 16th 2014
Colombia city. Colombia.

  • This Past May 16th , Intico participated in this event to recognize the work of the collection’s operators.
    It was a great opportunity to contact with professionals in the Collections area of important companies like: Cobro Express Lamp, Central de Cobranzas, Colbi, Covinoc, Financreditos, Grupo Consultor Andino, Ipcom, Refinancia, Mundial de Cobranzas, AECSA, CAC Abogados, Conalcreditos,Gesticobranzas SAS, RST Asociados, Serlefin, Gf Cobranzas, León y Asociados among others.

International Telecoms Week

From May 11 to May 14, 2014
Chicago, Illinois.

  • Intico traveled to the city of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, to participate in the 2014 ITW (International Telecoms Week), from May 11 to the 14th. During the convention, our team had the opportunity to meet with existing customers in order to increase their commercial relationship, as well as potential new customers, with the possibility of increasing margins.
    Important meetings with high traffic customers such as Nobel Global Carrier, Identidad Telecom, Sify, Telenor, Orange and Cima Telecom.

II Credit Risk Management and Collections Conference

January 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2014
Panama City, Panama.

  • This past January of 2014, Intico USA participated in the panel of the “II Credit Risk Management and Collections Conference” in Panama City, Panama.
    Oscar Gomez-Osorio, CEO of Intico USA, along with Gabriel Trujillo, Director Business Development, had the opportunity to present our company to top leading professional bankers from countries such as Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia, Argentina, Nicaragua , Ecuador, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Peru. In the presentation "Technology Tools in the Strategy to Maximize Results in Risk Management", InticoUSA explained the following points:
    -Risk Management Tools
    -Business Intelligence applied to Risk and Collections
    - Technology Management Channels
    -Technology for Land Collection Forces in the recovery of distressed and overdue accounts

Strategic Collection Management and
Debt Portfolio Recovery

August 14th and 15th, 2013
Mexico City, Mexico.

  • August 14th and 15th, the Hilton Reforma Hotel in Mexico City, Mexico, held the First Edition of the “Strategic Collection Management and Debt Portfolio Recovery Conference”. Marcus Evans, the event organizing company, invited Intico to participate as a sponsor and speaker for this important and international conference, bringing together leaders in the management and debt portfolio recovery, collections, treasury and payment management, to explore new tools, techniques and share best practices, addressing the most relevant topics for professional collections in Latin America.